"Everything you need in industrial supplies..."

Choose Cromwell for your industrial supplies and we can promise you a fast, reliable and quality service from a team that is totally focused on your needs.

Extensive choice
From power tools to personal protection products and from abrasives to automotive tools, we have the choice you want at a price that's competitive.

Fully guaranteed
Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are fully guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for complete peace of mind.

Quick delivery
Delivering through a National Industrial Distribution Network in South Africa makes it possible to supply products from an ex-stock position to the end user in a much quicker time.

Cost savings
Working in partnership with you and your team we can help you increase your production efficiency whilst helping to lower the total cost of component acquisition and reduce your working capital.

Kennedy Professional
Top flight tools manufactured to exacting standards for the professional mechanic, builder, decorator and technician

Industry-standard drills, milling cutters and taps delivering accuracy, precision and repeatability in production processes

Oxford Precision
Precision tools and gauging for accurate results, including DTI, calipers, height gauge, hardness tester, optical instruments, and micrometer

York Abrasives
Abrasive products for a variety of uses - from rapidly removing material through to producing final fine and mirror polished finishes

Specialists in tapes of all kinds, from insulation to masking and waterproof and from carton sealing to hazard and line marking

Milling bodies, chucks, tool holders, spindle nose tooling and toggle clamps that are amongst the most advanced tooling available in the world today

Rutland Quality Gardening Tools
A selection of quality spades, forks, pruning saws, shears, hosepipes and accessories for all gardening jobs

Solent Maintenance
A range of aerosols for industry from screen cleaners to greases, lubricants and mould release agents

A leading supplier in the UK of security fixings such as door bolts, padlocks and hasps, as well as door and gate furniture

Sherwood Quality Cutting Tools
Precision tools including drill bits, taps, reamers, saw blades and shank milling cutters for use in machining procedures

Kobe Tools
Air, cordless and electric power drills, grinders, saws, ratchet wrenches and impact wrenches all designed and built for top performance

A trusted name for respiratory, hearing, hand, head and eye protection products which are made to the highest quality and safety standards

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